A group of five students sitting at a community space.

Recently we had a Snapchat Q&A on housing at Northwestern where prospective students submitted questions for me to answer. Below are some of the most popular questions and my answers to help provide a fuller picture of residential life at Northwestern.

What percentage of the rooms are singles/doubles/triples?

The large majority of rooms on-campus are doubles, but there are enough singles and triples that you’ll likley get whichever you prefer!

Are there areas in the residential halls to cook your own food?

Every hall has at least one community kitchen where fridge space is available – most have multiple!

Is the internet fast?

Absolutely! We usually average 200 Mbps up/down on wireless and 1gb up/down on wired!

Do you have any photos of a typical room?

Oh boy, do we! Here’s a link to photos of student rooms, common areas, and more sorted by each residential hall. I can tell you personally that yes, they really do look like that!

Are we allowed to dine in any dining hall?

Of course! Your meal plan grants you access to any of the on-campus dining options (as long as they are open). Many students who live in halls with dining options choose to eat there out of convenience.

For first-years, is it required that we live on campus?

There is a two-year on-campus living requirement at Northwestern. You’re not restricted to where you live however, and if you choose to “Go Greek,” the sorority and fraternity houses on campus count towards this requirement!

What are the bathrooms like?

The bathrooms depend on the style of residence hall you end up in. The majority are community-based, but they’re cleaned daily and will have space to store your stuff safely.

Is it hard to adjust to living on-campus?

When you move in for Wildcat Welcome, you’ll meet your RA (resident assistant) and they’ll be there to make sure you adjust well to living outside of your parent or guardian’s home! You’ll also be surprisied at how little time you’re going to be in your room – if you’re like me, you’ll want to get involved ASAP. Regardless, don’t forget that EVERYONE is adjusting to a new lifestyle and you’re not alone!

What is one thing you would recommend first years pack that a lot of people forget?

There are a ton of really comprehensive guides on what to bring to school with you, so definitely check them out. That being said, I ran out of basic medicine (like Advil) faster than I expected. Definitely pack a few extra deodorant sticks, and I personally recommend a pluggable scenter to keep your room fresh!

What factors should we consider when picking a residence hall?

I would say the most important factor in making your choice is proximity to your campus hubs. If you’re in STEM, you’ll likely be better off in residential halls on the north end of campus because they’re closer to Tech, for instance. The walk from one end of campus to the other is really only 10-15 minutes, however, so you’re totally free to find a place that has the community/size you’re looking for!

I’m from a small town. How does someone like me adjust to being in a moderately-sized city like Evanston and so close to Chicago?

Living on campus is a huge help in making the size adjustment to Evanston. Your home community will be fairly small and you can spend your entire first year never going into the city if you choose! Evanston really feels much more personal and safe than you would expect, and Chicago is always a short train ride away!

This blog post was originally written while I was employed by the Office of Undergraduate Admission at Northwestern University. As such, my voice and tone reflect Northwestern’s desired impact, not my own.