Graphic Design

From branding to photo manipulation, I demonstrate expertise in Adobe Creative Suite software to make memorable, appealing digital impressions. Logomarks, business cards, and advertising campaigns just scratch the surface of what I have to offer.

Web Development

Simple sites suitable for any customer, employer, or otherwise. Specializing in lightweight installs for personal portfolios, small businesses, and freelancers getting off the ground.

  • EmailIncluded
  • 24/7Uptime
  • UnlimitedStorage Space
  • 95%Faster Websites
  • DomainsSupported & Availablle

Your web presence is one of the most important assets to creating a footprint in your industry or field. Don't fall for the trap of assuming a Weebly or Wix site will be sufficient! There is nothing more professional than a custom domain name, email address, and business card that reflect the seriousness of your organization or business. I have the skills necessary to meet your needs.

Technical Theatre

I have experience in production management, lighting design, electrical work, stage management, and marketing design; this includes educational, community, and professional theatrical settings.

About Me

I started my foray into graphic design and marketing at a young age, but I first began to scratch that itch when I joined theatre in high school. Since then, theatre has become my passion – to the point of me pursuing it at the college level – and graphic design remains a constant. I am currently a student of theatre and neuroscience at Northwestern University, and I hope to one day pursue higher education in either medicine or design (whichever one wins the war for my heart!)